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Flagship Five Month Filmmakers Mentorship Program  

  • Learn to make your Film  by actually working on and making a  Film over the next five months. 
  • You will need 3 – 5 Hours Per Week 
  • 10 Personal One on One Coaching Sessions over Five Months
  • 177 Video Tutorials from Screenwriting to Shooting to Selling your Film  
  • Actions are itemised each week that will bring you to your completed Film in Five Months the professional Way. 
  • Learn to Direct and Produce Your Film on the Five Month Filmmaking Course. 
  • Learn Casting & Directing Actors
  • Learn  how to write and format a professional screenplay
  • Screenwriting software for FREE
  • You will make and direct your own film. 
  • Learn to produce and prepare your shoot
  • Learn to Edit & Colour on Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Learn to source the best music & sound design for your film
  • Learn how to Find a Distributor and Get your Film Seen 
  • Film Directors Certificate on Graduation from the Program

This Video Explains Everything - Filmmakers Mentorship Program

What you Gain and Achieve on the Filmmakers Mentorship Program

  1. Save Tens of Thousands of $
  2. Learn Filmmaking 
  3. Make a Movie 
  4. Gain Mentorship Now – One On One Coaching  
  5. Catapult your Film Career 


Filmmakers Mentorship Program - 5 Month Outline

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  • You will learn how to plan your Production.
  • You will commit to Set Deadlines for each Part of the Production
  • You will learn how to Brainstorm Your Story by actually doing so on the Course Session. .
  • You will Write YOUR screenplay for the film production.  The Free Sreenwriting software we use, will save you $250
  • You will learn how to set up a casting by actually doing it.

Main Achievement: You will have a 10 Minute Screenplay 


  • Real Live Casting. You will be trained in how to do it and do it. 
  • Learn how to use Film Equipment 
  • You will learn which Film Equipment you will need 
  • You can choose a Mobile Phone Camera Shoot or a Black Magic Camera shoot
  • You learn how to Record Location Sound
  • You learn how to Light your Film Set 

Main Achievement: Cast Your Film with Talented Actors


  • Learn Preproduction, the process of finding your Locations and Crew 
  • Organising your Shoot Schedule 
  • How to Find your Locations for your Film Shoot 
  • Final Rehearsals Actors
  • Production Design on No Budget 
  • How to Shoot your Film Virtually Free. Our Techniques to achieve this 

Main Achievement:
You will Find Locations Cast and Crew and Prepare your Shoot 


  • Shot Lists and Blocking Plans for your Actors How to do this.
  • How Film Director Works on Set. 
  • The System to Shoot your Film. 
  • The Film Shoot x 4 Days –  10 Hour Shooting days.
  • Organising your Post Production 
  • Syncing your Footage and getting Ready to Edit.  

Main Achievement: You Shoot your Movie 

177 Video Tutorials that teach you filmmaking

One On One Coaching - With your Coach

You Make your Film


  • Learn to edit and colour your film on Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Cleaning and smoothing out Dialogue so that your film sounds like a  Movie 
  • We  teach you how to Edit and Post your film over Month 4 & 5
  • How to Source Music for your Movie and make it sound like a Hollywood Movie 
  • Entering Film Festivals – The tricks to get your film officially selecte
  • Which Platforms to get your Film on
  • Finding the best Distributor . We tell you who to go for.
  • Getting your film on Prime Video – Apple TV – Tubi – Google Play and other Platforms 

You actually edit your film and source music, colour grade , sound mix and  title the film. 

Main Achievement: You will post-produce and Complete your Movie.  

Indie Filmmaker Taj Review - Former Graduate of the Filmmakers Mentorship Program


  1. Do you want to Make Your own Film over the next five months?
  2. Do you want to save Thousands of Dollars on your Film Production?
  3. Do you want to learn week by week how to produce, make, direct and edit your  film.
  4. Would you like One on One 30 Minute Coaching on 10 Different Sessions with you Film Coach and Film Instructor?
  5. Do you want to know how to get your film into film festivals and get your film distributed around the world?
  6. Would you like to change your life dramatically over the next five months.

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of the  above questions, you are ready to go for it   See Details at Bottom of page for contacting. 

PHONE USA 1 (888)764 9276 International +61488086104

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