Flagship Indie Filmmakers Course FP + Coaching – Learn Filmmaking

Step by Step, you learn Filmmaking via all the Lessons below. You can check out the first two Free Lessons of 177. The Main Objective is to Make a Film and become a Filmmaker.

With the Amazing To Do List and PDFs of each Video Tutorial attached, you will step by step make your film. You can still enrol, if you only want to learn filmmaking but are not ready to make an actual film yet. 

This is the complete  Recording of our 5 Month Filmmaking Schoo in Sydney and Melbourne.   Every session has been filmed and in more detail , so even if you do not live in Sydney or Melbourne, you can now enrol on the 5 Month Film School virtually and choose to have one on one coaching on ZOOM

Course Information:

Overview Film Production –  Mindset -Your Film Production Goal 

SCREENPLAY – MONTH  ONE  From Idea to  Completed Screenplay _ THIS FIRST MONTH 

CASTING – How to Cast your Film and the To Do List to Make it happen 

Directing Actors Section 

Camera Training 101

Location Sound 101 

Lighting Gear and  Accessories 

Three Point Lighting and How to Light a Film Set 

Composition and Framing 

Mobile Phone Shoots 

Locations Locations Locations  – Preproduction

Preproduction +  The Crew 

Film Directors Final Preparation before Shooting 

Final Preproduction 

The Shoot – Time to Shoot your Film 


Business of Filmmaking – Film Festivals and Promotions  

Short Film Online Sites 

Marketing your Film and Finding the Audience with  Film Distributors and Sales Agents 

Finance  a Film 

Working with  the Film Industry and Networking  

Flagship Filmmakers Course


Course Instructor

Colm Courses Colm Courses Author

Colm O’Murchu is a successful Indie Filmmaker and Director of three world-wide successfully released feature films and one documentary. He created and has run Australian Film Base since 2004 and helped filmmakers produce hundreds of short films. On each of his live film courses in Australia, a 12 minute movie is produced. On his advanced Film Courses, a feature film is produced. He knows every angle involved in getting films made and made successfully. His mission is to help up and coming and emerging Filmmakers make their films successful. He also owns and runs the worldwide Blog /Podcast Indie Filmmaking Passion that helps other filmmakers make and create their own films and get them seen by a worldwide audience. He has spoken at Indie Film Seminars all over the world. His most recent film Tabernacle 101 has been released worldwide in 2019 and currently available on Prime Video, Apple TV & Tube. It has won 18 Awards and has been selected in 38 International Film Festivals. He is currently in development on his next feature film Absolute Freedom, an action adventure film set in the outback. He lives in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia and loves the outdoors and the mountains. His Online Filmmaking Courses are designed to help other people learn how to Produce Write Direct and Edit their own films and get them seen by the widest audience possible. He also teaches you how to find a Film Distributor and maximise the return financially on your film.

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