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Filmmaking Course List

  1. Screenwriting Course – See Details Below 
  2. The Film Directors Course  – See Details Below 
  3. Camera Lights and Sound Course – See Details Below 
  4. Producing – Preproduction & The Shoot Course – See Details Below 
  5. The Post Production Course – See Details Below 
  6. Business of Filmmaking Course – See Details Below 
  7. The Filmmakers Package and Make your Film – See Details Below 
  8. One on One Filmmaking Coaching  – See Details Below 

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Learn how to Cast & Direct Actors and Crew
and complete The Film Directors Vision

  • Your Overall Film Directors Vision. 
  • How to find the best Actors in your City for your Casting
  • How to run a Casting and make it happen. 
  • How to Audition Actors for your Casting
  • Creating your Short List and Call backs 
  • Your Final Choices and offering the roles 
  • Table Reads and Rehearsals with your Actors
  • How a Director Breaks Down a Scene
  • The Film Director Tools for Directing Actors 
  • Directing Actors on Set and helping them hit their very best. 
  • Screen Acting that brings screen presence. How? 
  • How to Pick the Best actor performances from your rushes. 
  • Directing Actors in the ADR and Looping Post Sessions 
  • How music enhances your Actors performance and how to make it happen. 
  • Your Vision for Production Design, Makeup and Wardrobe.
  • Pragmatic Production Design. 
  • Shot Lists and How to do them. Why they are so important.
  • How to Create your Shot List and Blocking Plan. 
  • The Look of the Film Understanding Film Looks via Lighting Production Design and Colouring
  • Now it’s time to Direct on your Film Set. How to do it. 
  • Getting the best out of your Actors and Crew   


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  • Write your Feature 80 – 90 Minute Screenplay in 3 Months 
  • Or Write your 10 – 15 Page Screenplay in 21 Days 
  • You will learn how to Brainstorm Your Story 
  • You will learn all the Storytelling Tools that works in movies.
  • Your will learn about the 3 & 4 Act Film Structures that
  • You will learn how to keep your reader and audience engaged and loving your film.
  • You will Write Your Screenplay effectively using our tools. 
  • We will show you how to save $250 and use the best Free Screenwriting software. You will save $250
  • You will learn who is the  best organisation to get three assessments. 
  • These assessments are from experienced screenwriters and will tell you exactly how good your screenplay is  how to make it even better. 

Main Achievement: You will have a completed 
10 Minute or 90 Minute  Screenplay 

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Learn how to Use Film Equipment

  • Learn how to use Film Equipment 
  • You will learn which Film Equipment you will need 
  • Whether to rent or buy Equipment and the Number One Film Equipment Shop in the world.
  • You learn how to Record Location Sound
  • You learn how to Light your Film Set with 3 Point Lighting and background lighting. 
  • You learn to level a Camera . finding correct exposure and focus and white balance. 
  • Frame Rate Slow Motion and ISO & The 180 Line
  • Why you have to have a ND Filter on your lens outside. 
  • Which Audio Equipment you need and How to use it.
  • How to boom operate and effectively do it and Shotgun Mics
  • How to place on Lapel mics
  • All the Main  Filmmaking Shots 
  • The Lighting Equipment and How to Light 
  • 3 Point Lighting and How to do it. 
  • Spectacular composition and The Rule of Thirds 

Main Achievement: You will know what Gear your need and how to use and the Main Shots and how to compose a shot. 

Video Tour of the Camera Lights & Sound Course - 
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Learn how to Produce Prepare and Shoot Your Film

  • How to work out Locales Locations Sets & Scenes
  • Breaking down a script and Scheduling Shoot Days 
  • How to Find Locations for Free or a very low fee. 
  • How to Make a Film with out a budget up front.
  • Micro Budget Filmmaking – How to do it 
  • How to Greenlight your film when you want. 
  • All the Crew Roles clearly explained
  • Working with a Small Crew to Save $
  • The Ideal 10 Person Crew and the  5 Person Crew
  • How to Find Crew 
  • Final Week Preproduction 
  • Sourcing Art Department , Props and Set Dressing 
  • Seven Day out from the Shoot – The Checklist 
  • Final Crew and Cast Co-ordination Meeting 
  • Preparing Call Sheets and when you hand them out. 
  • Get Ready to Shoot and the Shoot
  • The Take Protocol 
  • Catering and making sure the Film Set runs smoothly 

Video Tour of the Producers Course 
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The Post Production Course

  • Post Production Overview 
  • Editing on Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Video Clips and Audio Supplied to you. Download
  • Importing Labelling & Organising  Video and Audion in bins
  • Syncing your Video to your Audio 
  • Watching Rushes and Dailies 
  • Editing the Rough Cut and the Fine Cut 
  • Colouring and Grading your Film 
  • Dialogue Clean up and 
  • ADR Looping 
  • Music and Sound Post 
  • Sound Mixing and Final Mix 
  • Making your Film Widescreen
  • Exporting out your Final Film for Screening 
  • Test Screenings
  • Final Formats for your Film. 

Main Achievement: You will learn to Edit using out scene supplied with Video and Audio. 

Video Tour of the Postproduction Course  
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Film Distribution & Festivals

  • Major Strategy for Entering Film Festivals 
  • Using Film Freeway and our ninja tricks to attract Film Festivals Selection and Awards.
  • The Top 10 Film Festivals and how to pick the Film Festivals to Enter. 
  • The Top 3 Short Film Websites where it is amazing to get screened. One has most of the Oscar Short Films
  • Feature Film distributors and Sales Agents 
  • Streamers and How to get on Prime Video, Stan, Apple and on other streamers 
  • The Film Distributors we recommend that pay. 
  • Top WorldFilm Markets and why they are worth attending now.
  • Finding Work in the Film Business and how to approach
  • Networking in the Film Industry (Easy to Do)
  • The Champion and why top Filmmakers always have one. 
  • Top End Film Finance and the 2 Project Strategy 
  • Return on Investment

    You Will know how to Find your Audience Get Selected in Film Festivals and Find a Distributor who makes you money.

Video Tour Business of Filmmaking  
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This is the “Make Your Film  (Short or Feature Film) Now
This is great for the Person ready to Write Produce Direct and Edit their film now.

                                     PLUS   +

The Following Film Courses All at Once 

  • Screenwriting Course  – $295
  • The Film Directors Course  – $395
  • Camera Lights and Sound Course – $395 
  • Producing – Preproduction & The Shoot Course – $395 
  • The Post Production Course  $395 
  • Business of Filmmaking Course –  $395 
  • One Free Consultation included in package,  with one of our top Filmmaking Coaches who are successful Indie Filmmakers 
    Value $195

Total if bought seperate $ 2465 

Package Price $1495    
Great Value for Money
4 Monthly Payments of  $ 423 

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TOTAL $995  for Full Package ( Only on Full Payment )

What you Gain and Achieve when you enrol on the Flagship Filmmaking Course Package

  1. Save Tens of Thousands of $
  2. Learn Filmmaking 
  3. Make Your Film Now as it is Project Based with a laser sharp “Action To do List”
  4. Catapult your Film Career 

One on One Coaching with one of our top Filmmaking Coaches

Coaching on your film project and Mentorship

  • One on One Coaching can dramatically move you closer to your filmmaking goals 
  • This is tremendous for filmmakers who are making a film and need help with the stage of production they are in
  • That could be with their Screenplay, Preproduction , Shooting or Post Production ( Editing) or Film Distribution

45 Minute Session - $195 Per Session

  • Filmmaking Coaching 45 minute Session  $195 
  • Package of 3 Sessions –  $170 Per Session 
  • Package of 5 Sessions –  $150 Per Session 

Video: How One on One Coaching Works

PHONE USA 1 (888)764 9276 International +61488086104

Creating the Film Directors and Producers of Tomorrow

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