Production Design , Actor Blocking , Shot Lists

This is Lesson Two from the 5 Month Film Course

Please note the following 

      • Lessons will be delivered weekly on your Film Course Interface
      • We do not overload you with content. Instead each Lesson will bring you a result. 
      • Therefore the full 40 Lessons will be delivered over the next five months from Time of Enrolment 
      • Please watch twice , first time just watch, second time take notes 
      • Please complete the Weekly Actions  before Lesson Three 
      • This is needed to achieve your goals 
      • You will be contacted this week for your first conversation either via Zoom or What’s App.  Please allow a few days for this call 
      • This conversation will be to set goals and get your film production on the way. 
      • Please start with Two now 
      • Lesson Three and Four Delivered 7 Days from now. 
      • This is where you will work on your 10 Page Screenplay. 

Please Watch Lesson Two - 45 Minutes

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