Flagship Five Month Film School Online and at your own Pace

Learn to Direct and Produce and Edit your Film in 5 Months and  make the film at the same time.  

  • The  Flagship Film School and One one One mentorship is the Complete A_ Z System for making your Movie now and works. 
  • On the Five Month Film School, you will make a  Movie at the same time as studying filmmaking online and at your own pace.
  • This will be your Course Project. This will be your outcome
  • You will save Thousands of Dollars on your Film Production?
  • 10 Personal One on One Coaching Sessions over Five Months
  • Actions are itemised each week that will bring you to your completed Film in Five Months the professional Way. 
  • Course Sessions at your own pace over 3 hours per week. 
  • Learn Casting & how to Direct Actors 
  • Learn  how to write a professional screenplay
  • Learn to produce and prepare your shoot
  • Learn to Edit & Colour on Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Learn to source the best music & sound design your film
  • Highest Standards and Quality Training on our 5 Month Film School
  • Reliability: We have taught filmmaking courses for 25 years 
  • Make new friends to collaborate with on future productions
  • Learn how to Make a Career in the Film Industry 
  • Learn how to be an Indie Filmmaker and Director regularly making your own Films 
  • All Levels of Filmmaking Experience Welcome including Beginners.  
  • Film Directors Certificate 

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  • 5 Month Film School Fees/ Prices 
  • How to Enrol Information 
  • How you will Make a Movie in the next five months. 
  • Link to Video Tour of the 5 Month Film School 
  • 25 Years Continuous Evening Filmmaking Courses in Melbourne and Sydney
  • Taught By Filmmakers for Future Filmmakers.
  • Many successful Film Directors have started with Australian Film Base  and the Five Month Film School 
  • Now is your chance to join them and start your journey making movies
  • Beginners and Emerging Filmmakers very welcome 

5 Minute Video from Main Film Instructor Colm O'Murchu

Testimonials From Previous Film Students

Meet Taj

Taj has now become a prolific filmmaker. He was hesitant at first and did not think a beginner like him could make movies. He finally decided to take the plunge and now makes movies on a regular basis. As in his testimonial, he credits the Five Months Film School where you learn to Make a Film while Making a Film at the same time. The support of  The One on One Coaching particularly helped with getting his first movie made and the Weekly To Do Action list made his success a certainty. 

Meet Scott

Scott Started his Film Career with the Five Month Film School and has made a full time career as a Filmmaker. He works as a Filmmaker on Feature Films, Corporate Videos and Music Videos. He is full time now and credits the Five Month Film School and the Mentorship as the vehicle that made it all happen. 


Fill in Inquiry Form Below. PDF Delivered immediately with

  • 5 Month Film School Fees
  • Enrolment Information 
  • How you will Make a Movie in the next five months. 
  • Course Content and Time Comittment 
  • All Levels of Filmmaking Experience Welcome including Beginners
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