IMPORTANT AND VITAL: Please Read and Understand Welcome Note

Welcome to the 5 Month Filmmaking Mentorship Program. It is Colm O’Murchu , Director of the Mentorship Program. 

Please note the following 

      • There are 177 Video Tutorial Lessons Total in the Filmmakers Mentorship Program. 
      • Right now, please watch the introductory Videos below while you wait to have your enrolment processed.
      • On the First Business Day after your enrolment we will process and confirm your booking and payment 
      • We will then immediately send you the course registration and Video Tutorials Mentorship Program Interface. 
      • You will have your email as User Name and a Password emailed to you. Of course, you can change the password to one of your choice. 
      • If you have paid the Total Fee, you will receive the full 177 Video Tutorials on the first business day from now. 
      • If you have chosen  the Payment Plan option and you are paying monthly you will receive the first 46 Video Tutorials and first four Modules to complete in Month One. 
      • Then you will receive Monthly Allotments till the Fifth Month where you will have received the full 177 Video Tutorials 
      • Lessons will be delivered monthly on your Film Mentorship Program Interface 
      • If you have not paid, please pay on this page via PayPal or Card.  Go or Click Here   Then start with introductory Videos below
      • Any questions, you can also phone in on USA 1(888) 764 9276 or International +61488086104 
      • Your Filmmaking Coach will contact you  either via Zoom or What’s App.  Please allow a few days to one week for this call, as we notify your coach. 
      • 10 One on One Coaching 30 Minute Sessions  with your Success Coach will keep you on track. 
      • Please watch the brief introductory Videos today,  if you have paid.  
      • If you have not paid, please pay on this page via PayPal or Card.  Go or Click Here   Then start with introductory Videos
      • Big Welcome and its time for you to learn how to make films and at the same time Make your Film 

Please Watch Introductory Video Tutorials Lessons now "if you have paid".

Introductory Video 2 - Tour of the 5 Month Film School Course

Introductory Video 3 - Time Management

Introductory Video 4 - The Right Mindset

Take Action Now - To Do List

Please Do the Following before your enrolment completes 

      1. Please finalise your payment ( if you have not done so) on the following link.  Go or Click Here
      2. Reminder, we will contact you to Register you and set you up with the Course interface and the Video Tutorials due to you, on the next business Day.  
      3. If it is the weekend, you will need to wait till Monday. 
      4. Think about your Film Production Goal for this year.  
      5. Do you want to make a 5 Minute film or a 10 minute film or a 80 – 90 minute feature film or a Documentary?
      6. Or do you want to learn first and then Make a Film. The choice is yours  
      7. Make your Decision this week. 

PHONE USA 1 (888)764 9276 International +61488086104

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