Write a Screenplay in 21 days & Enjoy the Process of doing so

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21 Days from Now to a Completed Screenplay.

  • Learn  how to write and format your professional screenplay
  • The Ultimate Coaching and  To Do System. 
  • The Video Tutorials are short and to the point 
  • With an effective To Do List that you do 
  • Each step brings you to a completed screenplay. 
  • This is all about Results and Outcomes and a completed Screenplay. 
  • Get access for FREE to the best Screenwriting software. Save $200
  • Learn the exact method that makes Creating a Story Fun and Easy to do. 
  • Learn how to break down the Screenwriting process into easy manageable. To Do Blocks
  • The Number One Tip to become good at writing or recognising great screenplays 
  • Learn about Hollywood Story Structure and how easy it is to do. 
  • How to get your screenplay assessed by Top Quality Script Doctors and get a result quickly
  • You will need 4 – 5 Hours Per Week
  • 21 Days from now to a 10 – 15 Minute Short Film
  • 90 Days to a Full 90 Page Feature Film Screenplay. 
  • One One Free Coaching Session – 25 Minutes on Zoom

30 Day No Questions Asked  
100% Money Back Guarantee. 


Video Tutorials that teach you Screenwriting Step by Step

Take Action List at the end of each Tutorial

Your Completed Screenplay

Save $200 on Screenwriting Software. Get it Free

One One Free Coaching Session Zoom - 25 Minutes

Mentorship Program Founder - Filmmaker Colm O'Murchu

Colm founded The Five Month Film School in 1997 and has since taught emerging filmmakers to make professional films. Colm has guided and instructed over the years on 175 short films made. His new film Tabernacle 101 has just been released theatrically in the USA and ia available on Amazon Prime, Google Play and Apple TV. With a wealth of film teaching and film making experience Colm O’Murchu is one of the very best film instructors.

With his effective to the point deadline orientated methods, he always helps filmmakers get their films made and screenplays written.

Creating the Film Directors, Producers and Screenwriters of Tomorrow

Normally the Screenwriting Mentorship is $395

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